SONG SUNDAY: Sit Still, Look Pretty


By now you’ve probably heard the song Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya (I mean, who hasn’t – except my parents – they don’t listen to a lot of top 40). Three writers wrote it & I’m wondering how none of them seemed to notice the big disconnect between the whole song & the second stanza of verse two (yes, I realize, hot nitpicky, but I can’t help it).

The song is all about women empowerment (woohoo!) – Daya is singing about not wanting to be a trophy for any man or be controlled by them (because, hello, 21st century and all – feminism!). Essentially she doesn’t want to be arm candy for any man – and to avoid that she is asserting her independence (you go girl).

It’s a great song, but now let’s reference that second verse’s second stanza that bugs me to NO end:

“That Snow White
She did right
In her life
Had 7 men to do the chores
‘Cause that’s not what a lady’s for”

If we are too look to a woman as an example of the message of this song, Snow – letting the men do the chores – isn’t really going to make that connection for me.


Because what is SHE doing while those “7 men… do the chores”???
Probably just sitting there, looking pretty…

Point made.



I also want to briefly mention that those “7 men” did NOT “do the chores” – but SHE did (so maybe it IS what a lady is for?) – see image above. But that’s not the point I want to make, but feel it’s important, historically. Or maybe not, but I digress.



*This is strictly opinion, meant to amuse & entertain.*